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be propelled by passion

not invest in outcomes

if love is life i will give you mine
16 April
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Marriage is love.

....you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath i'd apologize for bleeding on your shirt....

hey, there wasn't enough room in that space below!! continued: ellen degeneres, family guy, strawberry shortcake, diet vanilla coke, sandra bullock, pilate, eisley, advent calendars, when my music doesn't skip, gnomes, atari, lite brite, gilmore girls, lauren graham, being a martha, halloween, tracy morgan, david gray, you talking, missy elliott, the yeah yeah yeahs, banjos, drums, cellos, porcelain, guitar, girls lower back sweat, celtic design, john atkinson grimshaw fairies, colored lights/mini colored lights in rooms, nikka costa, john mayer, coming attractions, picture frames, absolutely fabulous, libraries, inside jokes, yo mama jokes, red wagons, random comments, the realization that it was just a bad dream, history, you excited to see me, that tummy feeling when i see you, maggie gyllenhaal, jorja fox, ashley judd, coheed and cambria, clea duvall, carol burnett, i love lucy, kids in the hall, gilda radner, that last minute just before you fall asleep, scarves, avril lavigne, tina fey, amy poehler, incubus, my puppy, juice boxes, breathing deeply when walking by the body shop, britney spears, painting, finger 11, the killers, re-arranging my room, putting my everything into us, my smashy
3 doors down, a perfect circle, accents, alanis morissette, alone time with you, american eagle, amélie, angelina jolie, antique trunks, backs, bamboo, baths, big comfy blankets, big group outings, black, bloopers, blue, bonfires, bp's, candles, car rides at night, carbohydrates, cheri oteri, chinese christmas oranges, chris farley, coldplay, crying, csi, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, doodling, dreams/nightmares, drew barrymore, edmonton, edward norton, eeyore, eighties music, elvira kurt, empathy, esthero, eyes, fall, fame, finch, fingernails on my back, fingernails on my head, fleetwood mac/stevie nicks, flowers, freedom, french vanillas, friends, funky jewellery, getting mail, girls, girls that smell good, hard rock cafe, hayden, heather nova, heavy rain, holding hands, holly mcnarland, hoodies, hugs, ikea, janeane garofalo, jann arden, jeff buckley, john mellencamp, k's choice, kindness, kissing, laughing, lightning, liner notes, lip gloss, lips, live music, lounges, love, maroon, massages, massive attack, maya rudolph, megan mullally, memories to a smell, memories to a song, metric, michelle branch, mike myers, mixed tapes/c.d's, movies, music, navy blue, necks, nicknames, nirvana, nostalgia, old houses, pajamas, pictures, pool, portishead, road trips, romance, roseanne, sarah harmer, sarah mclachlan, saturday night live, scented things, sean hayes, sheryl crow, silver, silverchair, sinead o'connor, sleeping, sneaker pimps, spontaniety, spooning, spring, stone temple pilots, stories, strawberries, stuffed animals, summer nights, sunsets, surprises, tabogganing, tegan and sara, the body shop, the cranberries, the exhibition, the first snowfall, the prodigy, the sixties, the smashing pumpkins, the used, the wonder years, toques, two people hammocks, unplugged, value village, victorian styles, vince vaughn, vincent d'onofrio, water, will and grace, words, yearbooks